Could Chiropractic Treatment Help Your Child's ADHD?

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Could Chiropractic Treatment Help Your Child's ADHD?

14 April 2017
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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, commonly referred to as ADHD, can cause numerous difficulties for children, particularly when it comes to their education. Children with ADHD have difficulty maintaining focus at school, which, in turn, can lead to behavioural problems and poor performance.

ADHD is typically managed through prescription medication, which has varying success rates and, like any drug, comes with possible side-effects. There are many alternative treatments around that can help with medical conditions, and this is no different for ADHD. One that has particularly high potential is chiropractic treatment.

What is chiropractic treatment?

A chiropractor is a health practitioner who is trained in manipulating the bones and muscles, with a particular emphasis on spinal wellness. They can treat problems obviously connected to the spine, like postural issues, back pain and neck complaints. However, some chiropractors specialise in problems that don't have such an intuitive spinal link.

A chiropractor looks for and corrects vertebral subluxations, which are spinal vertebrae that have slipped out of place. Because this can affect the central nervous system, there are all manners of medical conditions that could be related to spinal misalignment. A chiropractor may be able to treat anything from headaches and chronic pain to asthma and digestive issues, all through treating the spine.

Is it suitable for children?

Chiropractic is not only suitable for children, but it can also be particularly beneficial. As your child grows, things like developing a bad posture can stick throughout their life. The older someone gets, the more difficult it is to reverse habits and damage, so it's best to treat them throughout life. By performing regular spinal checks and manipulations, a chiropractor can spot and deal with any developing problems in a child, helping them to grow up with a healthy back.

If you're concerned, seek out a chiropractor with particular experience in treating children. They will most likely advertise their expertise, perhaps even specialising fully as a paediatric chiropractor.

How can it help ADHD?

It's important to note that ADHD can't be 'cured' by chiropractic treatment. However, it can certainly be managed and its effects reduced.

Research has shown that children who receive regular attention from a chiropractor to treat subluxations often have less severe symptoms. Although more research is needed to fully understand how it helps, it seems certain that a healthy spine and central nervous system is a key component of reducing the impact of ADHD.