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Hello, my name is Paul and for many years I have been suffered from lower back pain. It all started when I had an accident at work and some heavy equipment fell on top of me. I went to see a doctor as part of my compensation claim and he gave me some strong painkillers. I didn't like taking the painkillers as they made me feel like a zombie so I just had to grit my teeth to deal with the discomfort. My friend suggested I see a chiropractor and it was a great idea. Over a number of sessions, the chiropractor massaged and manipulated my back to help relieve the discomfort. I decided to start this blog to help others who are in pain.


Developing a Healing Plan for Lower Back Pain

13 May 2020
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From soreness to pain and even herniated discs, lower back pain can significantly limit your flexibility and productivity. Lower back injuries may be caused by lifting heavy items, ergonomics in the workplace or even direct impact while playing a sport. After suffering from lower back pain, it is important to develop a healing plan with the help of a professional. Chiropractors are one of the best experts in the industry who can help with lower back pain. Read More …