Critical Information Required for Thorough Infant Chiropractic Examination

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Critical Information Required for Thorough Infant Chiropractic Examination

30 July 2021
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Professional pediatric chiropractors are trained to handle a baby's delicate system; hence, parents need not worry. Notably, an infant chiropractic examination is crucial for proper development because it identifies nerve disturbances that could affect a child's neuro-musculoskeletal system. To perform an infant chiropractic exam, a chiropractor needs some critical information.

Details of Delivery 

The childbirth process can be physically, psychologically and emotionally draining to a mother and her baby, especially if there are complications. As a newborn comes out of the birth canal, they are exposed to physical trauma. Thus, a gynecologist must ensure that a mother and a baby are fine at the end of the birthing process. Notably, it is vital to record delivery details and share the data with a chiropractor. Most importantly, the information gives a chiropractor a clear picture of what a newborn went through during delivery. For instance, if data shows that a baby had to be rotated to come out the right way, a chiropractor will examine the joints. Overall, a delivery report informs a chiropractor of what to look out for during an infant chiropractic examination.

Mother's Pregnancy Health Report 

A baby's neurological, muscular and skeletal systems develop at different stages during the gestation period. During the three trimesters, a mother should maintain a healthy lifestyle to promote a baby's healthy development. Additionally, pregnant women must seek prenatal care, particularly during the second and third trimesters. Failure to follow the recommendations puts a child's health at risk while still in the womb, affecting overall development. Therefore, a mother's pregnancy report acts as a blueprint for infant chiropractic examination. For example, if the report indicates that a mother was diagnosed with hypocalcemia during pregnancy, a newborn's neurotransmitter and muscle contractions could be affected. Thus, a chiropractor will focus on a newborn's reflex responses.

Family Health History 

Babies inherit genetic-based medical conditions from their parents. Therefore, a chiropractor should look at a family's health history when preparing to perform a chiropractic exam. The health history helps determine whether a newborn is at risk of inherited spinal deformities and anomalies. Establishing the risk factor is critical, especially for issues that bear little significance in a child's early life but could cause significant health problems later. Therefore, family health history allows a chiropractor to detect inherited conditions early for timely intervention.

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